Welcome to Vertical Pharmaceuticals!

Established in 2003, Vertical Pharmaceuticals offers a portfolio of products in women’s health, pain management, and cough/cold. We strive to develop and acquire products that will enhance the well-being of patients. We are committed to offering trusted products of the highest quality.

We have a dedicated focus to women’s health and are building on our industry leadership in prenatal nutrition with the availability of products that span the continuum of women’s health needs. We provide a portfolio of products including prenatal vitamins during child bearing years, symptom relief for menopause, and probiotics for lifelong general health and wellness.  

For the management and treatment of pain, our novel medications offer advantages over other available agents that have driven physician and patient acceptance. We strive to provide pain relief to enhance patients’ quality of life so that they can get back to being themselves. 

For more than 10 years we have provided cough/cold product solutions. Our most recent product offering targets the source of cough to provide relief in as little as 15 to 20 minutes, and is decongestant and antihistamine free.

While we are proud of our past, we look forward to the future and the opportunity to improve the lives of patients with our products in partnership with physicians and healthcare professionals throughout the United States.


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